The college corporation is responsible for the overall functioning of Kirklees College.

The Corporation oversees the college’s strategic direction, financial performance and quality of service provided to learners and the community.

The Corporation Board is made up of highly experienced individuals, who have extensive experience across industry, business, law, finance and the community, as well as students and staff.

The Corporation meets at least twice each term to discuss the college’s strategy and its progress on key performance matters.

The Corporation also has several governor committees which look at the college’s performance on finance and quality matters and in more detail at all key areas of the business.

Governors also play an active role in college life through support and advice, as well as attending events and promoting the good work the college does in the community.

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Clause 4(1) of Schedule 4 to the Further & Higher Education Act 1992 provides that all Further Education Corporations must provide for the appointment of a Clerk within their governing documents.

The Clerk is independent from management, in order to be able to offer impartial advice to the Corporation.

The main responsibilities of the Clerk are:

  1. To support the Corporation in meeting high standards of governance and fulfilling legal or regulatory requirements
  2. To provide guidance on legal issues relating to governance, as well as the implications of policy or regulatory developments
  3. To advise the Corporation with regard to the operation of its powers
  4. To advise the Corporation with regard to procedural matters
  5. To advise the Corporation with regard to the conduct of its business.

As an independent officer of the Corporation, the Clerk plays a key role in ensuring that the College’s system of checks and balances operates effectively.

The Clerk is appointed by and accountable to the Corporation only. There is a clear separation of functions and lines of reporting and the main responsibility for managing the Clerk rests with the Chair of the Corporation.

The current Clerk Joanna Green may be contacted at

The Corporation


Palvinder Singh



Gerard Hetherington

Chair of Corporation


Stephen Donnell

Independent Member


Christina George

Independent Member


Alistair Conn

Independent Member


Howard Linn

Independent Member


Mukesh Varyani

Independent Member


Andy Williams

Independent Member


Marie Carabine

Independent Member

Fara Butt web

Fara Butt

Independent Member


Fes Parvez

Independent Member

Ian Wainwright web

Ian Wainwright

Independent Member

Janie Walters

Independent Member

Chris Robinson

Independent Member

Andrew Greaves

Andrew Greaves

Staff Member

Charlotte Catmull

Charlotte Catmull

Staff Member

Grace Woodyet

Student Member

Governance Documents

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Information for Prospective Governors and Application Forms

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