At Kirklees College, we have a number of college clubs available for you to meet like-minded students and share your passion. From anime to meditation, you’ll find a group that’s perfect for you to get stuck into.

Please note: College Clubs are open to staff and students only. Our clubs will be reopening for the new academic year from week commencing Monday 9 October.

Cycling Group

Our online cycling group is open to all levels of riders! From those getting on the bike for the first time to experienced cyclists, join our group to socialise, share tips and recommend routes.

Microsoft Teams Group Online

Andrew Norfolk

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Our Dungeons and Dragons club is open to newcomers and experienced dungeon masters. Get to meet other people in the club, learn more about the game and get ready for an adventure!

Friday9am – 12.30pm

Huddersfield Centre



12.30pm – 3.30pm

Huddersfield Centre

Atrium – Skylight

Jaime Clark

Introduction to British Sign Language (BSL)

Learn how to use BSL in everyday situations! BSL uses a range of hand signals, body language and lip patterns to communicate, so join our group to give you some confidence to communicate with a deaf person.

Huddersfield Centre Skylight

Rachel Ellis

KC Anime Association Club (KCAAC)

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to anime culture, a casual watcher of the genre or a dedicated fan, the KC Anime Association Club has something for everyone.

Tuesdays12.00pm – 2.00pm
Huddersfield CentreHB.01.028

Dee Ross

KC Car Club

Our car club will be a place where people can share their own experiences and knowledge for those who might need a guiding hand. Students and staff are welcome!

Engineering Centre PMC Car Park

Bronte Scott, Rachel Ellis & Katie Stanley.

KC Comic and Computer Games

Access a wide range of popular comics and games to read and play with like-minded students.

Mondays3pm – 4.30pm
Huddersfield CentreHB.01.023

Shane Ramsden

KC Cooking on a Budget

Learn how to cook delicious meals on a minimal budget.

Third Tuesday of Each Month10.00am – 12.00pm
Huddersfield CentreStarbucks

Bronte Scott and Simon Hallas

KC Film Club

Enjoy an assortment of popular movies to relax to during your lunch break. 

Thursdays12.00pm – 1.30pm
Huddersfield CentreHA-1014

Bronte Scott

KC Computer Gaming

Hone your skills on a variety of computer games and compete with friends.

Tuesdays12.00pm – 1.00pm
Huddersfield CentreHB.01.023

Luke Lockwood

KC Craft Club

Let your creativity run wild and take part in a wide range of arts and crafts activities.

Thursdays1.15pm – 2.00pm
Taylor Hill Animal CentreSummer House

Rachel Ellis


Our LGBTQ+ group is dedicated to providing a safe space for those who identify as LGBTQ+. We want our members to be able to fully express their sexual orientation and/or gender identity without fear of intimidation or harassment.

Huddersfield CentreHB02.0341pm – 2.30pmFridays
Pioneer Higher Skills CentreP1.0612pm – 1pmFridays
Taylor Hill Animal CentreThe Summer House1.15pm – 2.00pmWednesdays

Rebecca Easterbrook 

LRC Virtual Readers Group

Hosted through Microsoft Teams, you will meet up with other readers to discuss books, short stories and more. As a group, we welcome everyone who wants to discuss their favourite read and get recommendations from others.

Thursdays & Fridays11.45am – 12.45pm
Springfield Sixth Form CentreLearning Resource Centre


Alison Brumwell

KC STEM Support

For females to: talk about experiences as girls in STEM subjects, movie days, gaming, cinema or out for lunch and coffee etc.

All SitesOnline

Courtney Lister

KC Board Games

Play a wide range of board games with other members of the KC Community and make new friends.

Thursdays & Fridays12.00pm – 1.00pm
Huddersfield CentreSkylight (Atrium)

Bronte Scott/Rachel Ellis/Kate Stanley

KC Pixel & Mindful Art Club

Take some time to relax mindfully, get in the flow, and take care of your mental health.

Wednesday1pm – 2pm
Springfield Sixth Form CentreLearning Resource Centre

Jax Lovelock

Mehndi Skills Club

Brush up your skills, learn new skills and designs, and make new friends.

Wednesday1pm – 2pm
Springfield Sixth Form CentreWorkshop Behind Art Studio
Friday10am – 11.30am
Springfield Sixth Form CentreSpringfield Art Studio

Jax Lovelock

KC Corner Club

Level up your lunch and join club leaders for gaming fun!

Friday12.00pm – 1.15pm
Springfield Sixth Form CentreS.02.004

Daneeka Simpson

KC Creative Writing Club

Master the art of creative writing and storytelling.

Friday12.00pm – 2.00pm
Huddersfield CentreHB.04.018

Luke Davies

KC Drama Club

Build your confidence and improve your acting skills with other members of the KC Community.

Fridays2.00pm – 3.30pm
Springfield Sixth Form CentreS.2.013

Jax Lovelock


Unwind your mind with our meditation hour with Cohen. You’ll get the opportunity to practice meditation and no matter what your level of experience is, this guided session will be perfect for you.

Huddersfield Centre Gym HA-2009

Rachel Ellis

Let's Break To Educate

Welcome to our lunch club where all ALS students are welcome to come and have their lunch in a safe environment supported by our friendly support workers or a SEND Lead.

We have activities and games and opportunities for drawing and colouring. You can bring food from home or from the refectory and even bring your own games if you want to. We are a place where you can socialise and eat with your peers without the chaos of the refectory.


Carly Wray

Have you heard about the Green Team launch event?

Please note: College Clubs are open to staff and students only

Want to Start Your Own College Club?

At Kirklees College, we believe the best student enrichment comes from students themselves. We encourage all students with a passion they want to share to start their own KC College Club and it’s much simpler than you think! If you have an idea, contact us to get started.