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Travel & Tourism makes the perfect package if you have a passion for travel and want to work in one of most resilient industries. According to Visit Britain, Britain is forecast to have a tourism industry worth over £257 billion by 2025.

A young student inside the purpose built aircraft carrier simulator at Kirklees College Huddersfield Centre
Play Video about A young student inside the purpose built aircraft carrier simulator at Kirklees College Huddersfield Centre

One of the most important industries in the world, the Travel & Tourism industry is fast-paced, innovative and always growing. In recent years, it has faced challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, and now is at a crucial point in innovation as it responds to unprecedented economic and environmental challenges.

If you want to be part of this influential sector at a critical time in its history, then starting your career with a Travel & Tourism course is a great place to start.

The Travel & Tourism sector offers a wide variety of roles and career options. You may be interested in becoming a resort representative, ground staff, or you’ve set your sights on becoming cabin crew. Maybe it’s the marketing and business aspects of the industry that floats your boat. Whatever your ambitions, our Travel & Tourism team is here to guide you through your study journey.

Offering a wealth of hands-on industry knowledge coupled with excellent on-site training facilities, this is nothing short of a 5-star learning experience.

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College 16-18

College 16-18 (4)

Why work in the Accommodation, Travel and Food Industry?

Employment in Accommodation, Travel and Food Services roles are down NAN% since 2021

Wide range of jobs in the Accommodation, Travel and Food Industry

A wide range of employers in the Accommodation, Travel and Food Industry

Considering a career in Accommodation, Travel and Food?​

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Case Studies


Studying Air Cabin Crew Level 2

Training in the air cabin in college with all the proper equipment is so realistic. It gives you first-hand experience of what it’s like to work as a Flight Attendant.


Studying Level 1 intro to travel, tourism and aviation

The course has taught me about accessible tourism and flight tracking and I love coming into college every day and learning new things. The tutors have helped me progress by teaching me new things I didn’t even know about and helping me throughout my studies. I’d recommend Kirklees College as it’s friendly and welcoming.
A young student inside the purpose built aircraft carrier simulator at Kirklees College Huddersfield Centre


Studying Travel and Tourism Level 3

I chose this course because I have always been interested in the travel industry and wanted to learn more about it. The most enjoyable part of the course is studying the England, Scotland and Wales task because I find it interesting to learn about attractions and places I’ve never heard of before.