Science, the art of what’s possible, in an ever-changing world. “Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” Marie Curie

Two Science Students Performing Experiment in Science Laboratories and Smiling at the Camera
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Today’s society benefits from so many scientific innovations, including medicines and treatment, technologies, food and the environment. The demand for discovery is constant as we work globally to create a sustainable world with a planet and population that is fit for the future. If you want to be part of this dynamic world, then start your career with a Science course at Kirklees College.

Einstein said, “the only source of knowledge is experience” and here at Kirklees College, we aim to provide you with the best experience possible. We have a wide range of study programmes available and our dedicated team are here to help you choose the right course for you. Our courses can open pathways to direct employment, or help prepare you for a science degree at university.

With access to our excellent campus laboratories, you will learn through practical and theory-based lessons, supported by a passionate teaching team that will help you achieve great things and push the boundaries of your learning.

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Why work in the Sciences Industry?

Employment in Natural Sciences roles are down NAN% since 2021

Wide range of jobs in the Sciences Industry

A wide range of employers in the Sciences Industry

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Case Studies


Studying Applied Science Level 3

The course is very diverse and offers opportunities to get into any field of Science. There are lots of practical experiments, which prepare you for university.


Studying Forensic Science

I chose Kirklees College as it has a wide range of opportunities, one of which was Forensic Science. You learn how to collect evidence and be part of the forensic process. The facilities are great, especially the laboratories which teach you how to analyse evidence and have everything you need to progress on the course.

a boy wearing white forensic overalls walking out of a crime scene with a digital camera over his shoulder and metal briefcase


Laboratory Technician Apprentice

It is a highly interesting course that covers all three sciences and allows you to independently explore the aspects of science that interest you the most. This course gave me the skills needed to secure a degree level apprenticeship with Manchester Metrapolitan University at multi-national chemical company, BASF. 



Studying Biomedical Science Level 3

I chose this course as I have always had a clear career goal of becoming a midwife and studying Biomedical Science will help me to achieve this. My favourite aspect of the course is biology. The tutors are fantastic and have always been on hand to help whilst we have been working from home.

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