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With over 30 million cars registered to be on the UK roads today, it’s no surprise that there’s a high demand for talented, skilled workers in the Motor Vehicle industry. Start your engines, it’s time to fuel your future in the automotive industry.

Male Motor Vehicle Student Standing Beside Vehicle Bonnet While Holding Screwdriver and Smiling at the Camera
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A Motor Vehicle course or apprenticeship is perfect for students who have strong practical skills, are good at problem solving and have an appreciation for the vehicle industry. The automotive industry is here to stay and offers great, long-term career prospects. Plus, there has never been a better time to get involved as we look towards developing more sustainable ways of travel and the industry begins a whole new wave of innovation.

All Motor Vehicle students at Kirklees College will learn in specialist workshops and have access to the latest technology and machinery. You can work on all vehicle mechanics and electrics, from engines and exhaust systems to air-conditioning and security, via both computer diagnostic testing and hands-on fault finding.

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Employment in Transportation Maintenance roles is down NAN% since 2021

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Case Studies


Studying Motor Vehicle Level 1

I want to join the army in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers but want to get experience and a qualification first. College is helping me get my dream career. I’m doing what I love.


Level 2 Apprenticeship in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

The facilities are amazing and you can definitely learn a lot here. The course is a brilliant supplement to the things you can’t see in cars and the tutors have a wealth of knowledge. If I am ever struggling with anything at work, I can always come to college and ask them about it. It’s a great place to study.
a female kirklees student wearing blue overalls stood in front of a truck


Studying Motor Vehicle Level 2

I chose this course because I was really interested in doing mechanics and the college has fantastic facilities that are not offered anywhere else. The course tutors are always really helpful and will never give up on you whatever situation you are in.