Public Services Students attend Fire Recruit Day


Last month, the level 2 Public Services students attended Halifax Fire Station Fire Recruit Day. The students took part in physical preparation tests used in the selection phase of recruitment.

The students took part in the bleep test to measure their level of aerobic fitness and conducted hose running exercises, practicing running out and rolling it back up.

The groups were then given the exposure to breathing apparatus and were tasked with equipping apparatus and then making their way through the smoke house through tunnels in the dark. All the students displayed excellent communication and teamwork skills to make their way through the building.

The students also conducted the rural simulation test which involved running out a hose, carrying equipment and running over a 25-metre course. They also completed the ladder carry by dragging a 36kg kettlebell and 55kg dummy around a set course.

To conclude the day, the learners watched a live RTC demonstration in which two of the students acted as live casualties and were extracted from the vehicle. The course tutor is also an operational fire fighter and helped the students with the task by acting as a casualty carer during this demonstration.

Katie Stanley, Curriculum Area Manager for Sport and Public Services at Kirklees College said:

“We were really pleased that our uniformed services students were able to take part in the fire recruit day. All the students enjoyed the day and it was fantastic to provide our students with real-life experience of working in public services.”

For more information about Public Services courses at Kirklees College, visit https://www.kirkleescollege.ac.uk/subjects/public-services/.

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