Kirklees College Students Collaborate with Quorn Professionals


Kirklees College Catering Students and the team from Quorn

On Monday 22 May, three of our Hospitality and Catering students took part in a cookery workshop from the team from Quorn Professionals. The students were guided by Quorn’s professional chef Mark Wetherill and were challenged to make a range of dishes using the brand’s range of meat-free products.

In the summer term, some of the Hospitality and Catering students at Kirklees College will be taking part in Landings 72’s annual Hell’s Kitchen competition, in which they will be asked to prepare a dish using Quorn products.

This was the perfect opportunity to test out a range of Quorn recipes, including Thai Style Mushroom Gyoza, No Waste Beef and Carrots and a vegan Cordon Blue from the development menu. The students also made Salt and Pepper ChiQin Tenders, Korean Style Gochujang Meatball Donburri and Asian Pickles, Rodeo Cheeseburger and a BBQ ChiQin Smashed Hash Burger from the retail products menu.

The Quorn products used are made with the tasty and sustainable mycoprotein. Mycoprotein is the most land light protein on the planet and uses 90% less water and carbon emissions than animal protein. Mycoprotein is a complete protein source and contains all nine essential amino acids that are usually only obtainable through animal products, plus, unlike meat, mycoprotein does not contain any cholesterol.

Our partnership with Quorn and our increased use of meat-free alternatives at Landings 72 and on the college menu is just one of the ways that Kirklees College is striving to be more sustainable.

Jemma Williams, Account Director from Quorn Professionals said:

“Within our team at Quorn Professionals our aim is to support the education sector by providing a delicious and sustainable protein source. Kirklees College’s apprentice ran restaurant, Landings 72, run a Hell’s Kitchen competition annually, which this year requires the students to create a dish including Quorn.

We have and will continue to enjoy working with Kirklees College to develop the culinary apprentices’ knowledge of Quorn products for them to be able to use throughout their careers, as well as increase the availability of sustainable protein options for all students throughout college outlets.”

Simon Hallas, Curriculum Area Manager for Hospitality and Catering at Kirklees College also felt the day was a success, commenting:

“The event on Monday and our partnership with Quorn Professionals offered our students an exciting opportunity to work with a range of products from a global company and experiment in the kitchen with meat-free alternatives. We look forward to our Hell’s Kitchen event in the summer and seeing what the students come up with in their Quorn dishes”.

Find out more about our Hospitality and Catering courses at Kirklees College, or head to our Green Skills page to find out more about the work we are doing to make our college more sustainable.

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