Kirklees College celebrates outstanding achievement of bricklaying student Michael


Micheal Bennett - Bottomley collecting his COLS Overall Winner Award.

In a celebratory event honouring exceptional student achievements, Kirklees College is proud to announce Michael Bennett Bottomley as the recipient of the prestigious ‘Overall Winner – Outstanding Achievement’ award at the 2023 COLS Awards. Michael, a talented bricklaying student, has demonstrated remarkable dedication, engagement, and selflessness both within the college and the local community.

Within the college, Michael has taken on numerous roles, showcasing his leadership skills and commitment to making a positive impact. He serves as an Ask for Help Ambassador, SU Officer, Youth Lives member, and Student Representative. These roles allow him to actively participate in college events and initiatives, such as the highly successful Huddersfield Town Takeover event and a bake sale aimed at raising funds for a new pool table at the Brunel Construction Centre which is now underway.

In addition to his involvement within the college, Michael volunteers his time at the Lawrence Batley Theatre and the Mind charity shop in Halifax, where he selflessly dedicates himself to giving back to the community. His contributions to these organisations exemplify his compassion and unwavering commitment to helping others.

Staff members at Kirklees College have consistently commended Michael for his exceptional enthusiasm, engagement, and progress. Not only does he excel academically, but he also actively seeks support and guidance when needed, showcasing his determination to continuously improve himself.

Michael’s remarkable character shines through as he consistently demonstrates a positive attitude, a genuine willingness to help others, and an eagerness to better himself. His dedication to his engagement, volunteer work, and academic achievements truly embodies the values Kindness Unity and Excellence, cherished by Kirklees College.

Reflecting on Michael’s journey, Bricklaying Technician Patrick Maylett, expresses his admiration for his progress:

“Michael has started his first journey into adulthood by being an independent teenager who has overcome adversity and still has a smile every time you see him. Michael is an extremely worthy winner of this award. Michael embodies all of our college values and deserves this shining light that is beaming down onto him.”

Lucy Baulk, Pastoral Support Mentor at Brunel Construction Centre, also speaks of Michael’s growth:

“Michael is a voice for students, he has expectational listening skills and shows great empathy towards others. 

Michael is just wonderful, he has achieved so much in college both academically and personally. His confidence has grown and he is so much more ambitious now from when I first met him last September.”

Kirklees College congratulates Michael Bennett Bottomley on his remarkable achievements and wishes him continued success in all his future endeavours. His inspiring story serves as a testament to the transformative power of education and the incredible potential within each student to make a difference in the world.

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