Airline food documentary on Amazon Prime feature Kirklees College students

New Amazon Prime show to feature Kirklees College.


One of the world’s first airline food documentary series, The Inflight Food Trip, has been released on Amazon Prime.

The documentary follows Instagram influencer, Nik Loukas around the globe as he visits airlines and inflight caterers to get the back story on how airline food is created.

The stars of the show are the airlines who all present various stories and a unique perspective on food in the air to the viewers. Viewers get to discover what planning goes into airline meals and what it’s like to mass-produce quality food that is suitable for the air.

Filming for the series took place across the globe, with Nik and James Mellor from Rainbow Trout Films visiting Paris, Vienna, Athens, Riga, New York, Guangzhou, Istanbul and Tokyo.

In episode one, the students at Kirklees College are featured as they demonstrate how they are learning how to prepare for a career in the travel industry. The crew filmed in the real aircraft training cabin within the college building in Huddersfield. Students and college tutor Nicola also spoke about their favourite airline food.

The series starts out by celebrating the fact that airplane food is now officially 100 years old.  The first recorded flight was in October 1919 on a flight between London and Paris, when they served sandwiches.  During the series, Nik and James look at the science behind why airplane food can taste different, cabin air pressure, noise and light, which all factor within this. The series challenges the myth that all airline food is bad.

“The filming was a challenge because we often found ourselves with limited time at airports, boarding flights and getting all the footage we needed. I love the fact that we cover a variety of airlines from around the world. Thank you also to the team at Kirklees College for their input and sharing their training facility with us” says James from Rainbow Trout Films.

The six-part series is called ‘The Inflight Food Trip – it’s not just plane food’ and there is further information available at inflightfoodtrip.com or on social media, @flightfoodtrip where there will be updates and details of how to watch the series on Amazon and other online platforms.

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