Kirklees College above national average in gender pay gap report


In its 2019-20 gender, disability and ethnicity pay gap report, Kirklees College has stated the gender pay gap between male and female employees is 6%.

The mean gender pay gap remains lower than the national average which is 17.1% according to the October 2018 Office for National Statistics (ONS) Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) figures, reflecting the college’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity within its community.

The college understands its obligation to creating an inclusive workplace for all, including trans and non-binary colleagues. As part of this commitment, the college encourages the active use of clearly stated pronouns, providing visibility at senior level, addressing issues of underrepresentation through recruitment, providing non-gender exclusionary bathroom facilities and always reviewing policies to ensure they are clear, safe and confidential.

The disability pay gap medium figure also shows that those who declare a disability are paid £0.12 more than those who do not.

Initial research on closing the ethnicity pay gap also indicates that the college’s current pay gap compares favourably with other organisations who are choosing to publish their figures. The mean of average pay between white and BAME staff was calculated at 2%, lower than other education establishments who averaged above 5%.

Corinne Gough, Head of HR and Payroll at Kirklees College said:

“The college is committed to the principle of equal pay for work of equal value for all its employees. To sustain ourselves as a fair and transparent organisation, we have chosen to voluntarily publish our ethnicity and disability pay gap data from this year onwards to ensure our workforce is diverse, inclusive and fair for everyone.

We are committed to transparency and are constantly striving to identify and address the challenges for colleagues in BAME groups and with disabilities.”

To view the full report, visit https://www.kirkleescollege.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Pay-Gap-report-2019-20.pdf.

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