Brickwork Materials Help Kirklees College Students Build Careers in the Construction Industry


This month, Kirklees College construction students were delighted to receive thousands of bricks to use for their studies from international supplier Michelmersh.

Michelmersh, who specialise in clay bricks, are helping Kirklees College students to build careers in the construction industry by donating important resources to our Brunel Construction Centre. The delivery will allow students to use bricks that are high-quality in the industry and help learners familiarise themselves with the materials that are commonly used in professional bricklaying.

The company, which provided the donation from their site in Barnsley, has donated over 18,000 bricks to help construction students develop their bricklaying skills. Kirklees College students will use the materials to help build different structures that are common in the bricklaying industry, such as complex bricklaying bonds and patterns, as well as learn how to design and create basic brick arches.

Michelmersh makes millions of clay bricks and pavers every year to help build homes, schools, hospitals and offices for the public and private sectors, both in the UK and overseas. The donation came as part of Michelmersh’s Pledge 100 initiative, which is providing 100,000 free bricks to deserving colleges across the country to help provide quality products for practical application learning.

Paul Whitaker, Curriculum Area Manager for Construction at Kirklees College said:

“It’s brilliant that our students are able to use such high-quality materials in their everyday work as part of their course. It brings me great pride to be able to offer our students fantastic facilities and teaching along with the latest materials used throughout the industry.

“Michelmersh have been incredibly generous with this donation, not just in terms of the materials supplied but they have also provided resource books to give students industry insight into how to succeed safely in any bricklaying project. We’re delighted that this partnership continues to grow and offer the best for our students.”

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