It’s Time To Take The
Next Step And Start
Your Learning Journey.

It’s time to take the next step and start your learning journey. Don’t worry if you still have questions, you can talk to our team and tutors during enrolment. We look forward to welcoming you to Kirklees College in September.

A New
16-18 Student?

16-18 Student?

Adult Learner
Or Higher
Education Student?

Enrolment Hotline

The enrolment hotline opens on Monday 15 August to start booking enrolment appointments. The opening times for the enrolment hotline are:


9am – 4:30pm

Tuesdays – Thursdays

9am – 6pm


9am – 4pm

Please check the individual course page for further information or you can contact our course information team on

What Happens at Enrolment?

At our enrolment sessions, tutors will look at your current qualifications to work out what is the best level course for you.

You must then provide us with personal details, including your full name, date of birth, address and nationality. If the course you are wanting to enrol on to has an entry criteria, then you will also need your results slip, or any certificates that you might already have.

If you are 19+ then you may need to pay for your course. If you are in receipt of benefits, bring evidence of them with you to see if you are eligible for fee remission. Once you know what course you wish to enrol on, our data input team will input your details into the college system and print you an ID badge. Enrolling in person usually takes around thirty minutes.

Everything you need to know about Enrolment

If you are 16 – 18 and have already applied for a full time course at the college, our applications team will be contacting you with an appointment that allows you to enrol online.

Our friendly staff will provide you with the details required to enrol as an adult (19+) learner.


This could be online or via a face-to-face enrolment appointment.

If you are under 19 then you should have agreed your next step with your progress coach before you finished college. If you are progressing to the next level of course please check your email account for the link that you need to complete to enrol for September.

Please check your spam/junk folders as sometimes the email can go there.

If you have not applied yet then you can call our Enrolment Call centre on 01484 437100 from Monday 15 August to book an appointment to come in and enrol on your chosen course.

The opening times for the enrolment hotline are:


9am – 4:30pm

Tuesdays – Thursdays

9am – 6pm


9am – 4pm

Check out our new Adult Course Guide or view our adult page for courses starting between September and December.

  • Some free/short courses are available to enrol onto via our website
  • For all other adult and part-time courses please call our enrolment call centre and they will be able to go through how you join the course.

If you were a full-time student in 21/22 and you are returning to a new course or to the second year of your course, then make sure you have spoken to your Progress Coach or SPL to confirm your progression.


You will then receive a link in your college email account to enrol online.

If you are holding an offer for a full-time course, or a substantial part-time course then you will be receiving information in the post from our applications team on how to enrol. Most students will enrol on-line however if you would prefer a face to face appointment then you will also be able to request this.

Links will be sent out to enrol online from Thursday 25th August. You will be told when to expect your link, and what to do if you are on holiday. If you have any problems completing your online enrolment then you can call our enrolment line on 01484 437100 and someone will be able to help you out. If you want to change the course you have an offer on, then you will receive guidance on how to do this. 

If you have applied for an apprenticeship and secured employment then you will receive instructions on how you will enrol. This needs to be completed face to face and your company needs to be registered in advance.

If you did not complete progression enrolment then you will need to call the enrolment call centre to book an appointment to come in to enrol.

  • Pen
  • Proof of ID (We will accept Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving Licence or National Insurance Card.)
  • National Insurance Number
  • Results slips or certificates of previous study
  • Evidence of settled status in UK – Evidence of your status will be required if you have not lived in the UK/EU for three years or more (passport, ID, visa status).

If you have to pay for your course please bring at least one of the following:


Contact Info

We are here to help you.  If you have any questions or queries, please contact a member of the team who will be happy to help guide you through this process.