Staff and students at Kirklees College can use the Eduroam Wifi service at all Kirklees College centres and while visiting other organisations that use Eduroam (such as Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Huddersfield University).

How to connect

On your phone, tablet or laptop open the wifi settings and scan for networks.  You should see Eduroam and be able to connect to it.  Enter your full college email address under Identity or Username and enter your current college password under Password.  In most cases you can leave all other boxes as they are.  You may be asked to accept a security certificate, click OK or accept.

Changing Passwords

Staff and students are asked to change their passwords regularly.  Please be aware that when you change your password on a computer you will have to change it on your phone and/or tablet as well.  If your phone is trying to automatically connect to Eduroam with an old password it will lock your account and you will have to request a password reset.  When your computer asks you to change your password, disconnect your phone from the wifi and ‘forget’ the network, then reconnect with your new password.

Visitors to the College

If you are attending and event at the college the conference team should have organised guest wifi access for you.  Select KC_guest from the available wireless networks list and enter the password you’ve been provided with.  Then open a browser and you should see the Kirklees College guest access portal, enter the username and password provided to you and tick the box to accept the Acceptable Use Policy.

Acceptable Use Policy

Please be aware that all wifi traffic will be logged, filtered and monitored for security purposes.

All users should read and must abide by both the eduroam UK policy and the Kirklees College Acceptable use of IT systems for staff and students.


Having trouble connecting to Eduroam?

Scan the QR Code or click this link to use the Eduroam configuration tool.

Android users can download the Eduroam CAT tool from the playstore.


About Eduroam

Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, world-wide wifi service developed for the international research and education community. Eduroam allows students and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity at their own campuses and also while visiting other participating institutions. As well as being available at institutions around the world, Eduroam can also be used at Kirklees College wherever the ‘eduroam’ wireless network is available.

Where you can use Eduroam

Eduroam UK Policy

Kirklees College