The examinations office is based at the Waterfront Quarter with a strong presence of exam staff across all Kirklees College centres during examination sessions.

About us

The team are well established, student focussed and highly effective in providing support to all customers maximising success rates.

Examinations can be sat seven days a week between 8am and 8pm at most centres as per requests and Awarding Body restrictions.

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Huddersfield Centre, Manchester Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 3LD

 01484 437038
 info@kirkleescollege.ac.uk Email Us

Exams Office Opening hours

Monday – Thursday
08:30 – 17:00

08:30 – 16:30


Exam certificates are important documents awarded to students when they have successfully completed a qualification. Kirklees College will receive certificates from Awarding Bodies, keep them stored securely, and will notify students when their certificates are ready to collect.


When a certificate is ready to be collected the student will be notified by text message where possible, otherwise a postcard will be sent to the home address held in our records. If you believe you are due a certificate but have not received notification please contact the Exams Office.


We recommend that students should aim to collect their certificates promptly and keep them carefully stored in a secure place, as they will act as confirmation of qualifications which may be required in later life.

Certificates will be held for a period of 12 months from issue. Please ensure that you collect your certificates within this time to avoid having to apply for replacements.

Certificates will be produced using the student details held in our records; therefore it is essential that your details are complete and accurate. If you notice any mistakes such as incorrect spellings or dates of birth please inform College immediately.

Where to collect

Unless otherwise specified, certificates are available from the receptions at the Waterfront and Dewsbury centres depending on your place of study. Once you have been notified that you have a certificate to collect please bring your student card or other form of photo ID to the relevant centre reception between 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Posting out certificates

Certificates can be posted out if a specific request is made, however we must stress that Kirklees College cannot accept liability should the certificates go missing or become damaged whilst in the post. Any replacements required, along with relevant costs will be the responsibility of the student.

If you wish your certificate to be posted please contact the Exams Office with your request.

Certificate collection on your behalf

If you are unable to collect your certificate but do not wish for it to be posted out it is possible for someone else to collect a certificate on your behalf. If you wish to do this, please provide a signed letter in which you confirm the name of the person who we should release the certificate to. That named person should then bring photo ID for themselves to the centre reception.


If you believe there is an error on your certificate and you require a replacement please contact the Exams Office.

If you have lost your certificate or it has become damaged and you require a replacement please be aware that you will need to contact the relevant awarding body directly. Contact links for these can be found below.

Please be aware that a replacement certificate may not always be re-issued and a transcript of results may be provided.

Awarding bodies will usually charge for a replacement certificate/transcript of results, the cost of which can be around £40. The awarding body itself will be able to provide further clarification on any charges for their services.

Awarding bodies contacts

If you require any further information or advice regarding replacements please contact the Exams Office.

External candidates

Kirklees College can provide you with the opportunity to sit accredited exams throughout the year as an external candidate. Discounts are possible for group bookings. Call now and prepare for an outstanding exam experience with excellent support in a high class eco-friendly environment.

External Exam Price List

(University Admission Tests)

  • £60 External Centre Fee plus Awarding Body Exam Entry Fees


CIM/CAM (Paper and on-line exams)

  • £70 External Centre Fee per module (Awarding Body Exam Entry Fees are paid direct to CIM)


AAT (CBA tests only)

  • £80 Centre Fee per module plus Awarding Body Exam Entry Fees


E-VOLVE/GOLA (On-line tests)

  • £60 External Centre Fee per module (Exam fees are paid to other Centre) – Negotiate price on large groups
  • Off-site (lap top) – 15 mile radius – mileage claim + £70 External Centre Fee per module (Exam fees are paid to other Centre) Negotiate price where more modules are required.


CITY & GUILDS (Paper based)

  • £60 per module – External Centre Fee plus exam fees


CSCS Prometric Health & Safety (On-line tests)

  • £20 External Centre Fee plus Awarding Body Exam Entry Fee
  • CSCS Test and Card Package – £80


When is my exam?

You will be informed of/find out your exam by either:

  • Your tutor
  • Letter
  • Text message
  • Pro-Portal
  • Exams timetable on college website
  • Notice boards-Hub (Dewsbury)/outside Exams office B.00.046 (Huddersfield).

Where is my exam? Room, date and time?

Check the exams timetable outside of the Exams office (B.00.046) or view our timetable. If you are still unsure, contact the Exams team.

What will I need to bring for my exam?

You will need to bring everything that is essential use for the exam i.e. black pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, calculator etc.

What equipment will be provided by the invigilator?

Nothing. You will need to bring your own equipment.

Will I need to bring some ID for my exam?

Yes. You will need your enrolment card or some other photographic identification containing your personal details.

What if I forget to bring my ID?

You must go to Reception before going to your examination room and ask for an ID check slip.

Am I allowed to take food and drink into the exam?

Food is not allowed into the exam room, but if you need to bring a drink it must be in a clear plastic bottle and kept on the floor at the side of your desk during the exam.

How soon before the start of my exam should I arrive?

You should arrive 20 minutes before the start of your exam.

What happens if I have 2 exams at the same time?

This is known as a ‘clash’, please contact the Exams office and special arrangements will be made.

What happens if I am late for my exam?

If you are delayed through problems with travel on the day of your exam YOU MUST contact the Exams office for advice on 01484 437038.

What happens if I am ill on the day of my exam?

You will need to contact the Exams office before the exam start time.

What happens if I am absent from an exam?

If you do not notify the Exams office that you will be absent before the exam you will be charged.

What happens if it snows on the day of my exam?

Check the college’s website, Facebook page, Twitter, switchboard and listen to your local radio station. Most exams will always go ahead as scheduled even if the college is closed.

Do I have to stay for the whole duration of the exam even if I have finished?

Yes. You should plan to stay for the whole time i.e. with childcare, car parking etc.

When will I get my results?

GCSE and A Level results can be collected on the specific results day in August. Notification for all other results will be provided.

How far back do Exams keep results?

Electronic results are kept for 7 years, after this all is destroyed.

Where do I go to collect my GCSE/A Level results?

You can collect your results on the specific day from the Reception at either the Dewsbury or Huddersfield centre depending on your study site.

What time can I collect my GCSE/A Level results?

Collection of your results can be obtained from the Reception area from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

What happens if I can't collect my GCSE/A Level results on the day?

If you can’t collect your results on the specified day, you can give a letter of authorisation to be collected on your behalf, and all remaining notifications will be sent out at the end of the day.

What if I don't agree with the results/grade(s)? Can I appeal?

On certain subjects, you may be able to appeal against the result/grade(s). For further details, view our results page

What if I don't agree with the results/grade(s)? Can I appeal?

On certain subjects, you may be able to appeal against the result/grade(s). For further details, view our results page

Can I resit an exam?

You need to contact your tutor.

Do I have to pay for a resit?

All resits will be charged except for the first Functional Skills resit.

How far back do Exams keep results?

Electronic results are kept for 7 years, after this all is destroyed.

When do I know to collect my certificate(s)?

You will be sent a text message informing you that your certificate is ready for collection.

Why is it taking so long for my certificate(s) to arrive?

This can vary depending on various factors:-

  • If a tutor needs to claim other units
  • Work is waiting to be externally verified
  • The exam board have particular release dates
  • Certificates can take 2-8 weeks depending on individual exam boards.

Where do I collect my certificate(s) from?

Certificates can be collected from the Reception at either the Dewsbury or Huddersfield centre depending on your study site.

When can I collect my certificate(s)?

08:00 – 17:00 (except Bank Holidays)

08:00 – 20:00

08:00 – 20:00 (Hudds)
08:00 – 17:00 (Dews)

08:00 – 20:00

08:00 – 16:30

What do I need to collect my certificates?

You will need to bring some photographic identification otherwise we will not be able to issue your certificates.

What happens if there is a mistake on my certificate(s)?

You must contact the Exams team as soon as possible.

Can someone collect my certificates for me?

Someone else may collect the certificates on your behalf but they must have a letter of authorisation signed by you with details of their name. They must also bring some photographic identification with them.

Can you post out my certificate(s)?

We can send out your certificate(s) for you but we do not accept any liability for any lost, stolen, damaged or delay in the post.

How long do Exams keep certificates?

Certificates are kept for 12 months.

I've lost my certificate, can I get a replacement?

You will need to contact the examination board directly. A fee will be charged for replacement certificates and this will vary depending on the exam board. Awarding Bodies Contacts

What do I do in the fire alarm sounds during my exam?

Please remain calm and follow the instructions given by the invigilator. The time lost through evacuating will be added to the end of the exam, ensuring you receive the full time.

Rules and regulations

Kirklees College abides by the rules set by the Joint Council for Qualifications and the relevant awarding bodies. It is important that the rules and regulations are strictly adhered to. Any malpractice will have to be reported to the exam board and could lead to disqualification from the full qualification.

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Kirklees College provides an examination timetable which is updated weekly allowing you to view your full exam schedule. It is important that you check your exam details in advance and ensure that you are thoroughly prepared.

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