HTEA Attendees left feeling ‘Powered up’ after Kirklees College networking event

The first HTEA event of the season kicks off in style, with 'Powering up' theme.


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The first of this season’s HTEA networking events kicked off with the theme of ‘Powering Up’ which explored companies which started off small but then scaled up to operating at a national level.

The event was organised in collaboration with Kirklees College and Huddersfield Town Football Club and hosted by Commerical Director, Sean Jarvis. Speakers included: Gareth Henderson – Chairman of Core Facility Services and Richard Blackburn – Managing Director of Wilby Insurance Brokers, who shared the stories of their journey and valuable advice with over 60 local business people.

Richard eloquently described some of the key issues he faced, including dealing with resistance to change whilst maintaining the original values and culture that they had in place as a family run business. Richard explained it has been challenging, ‘But we put our customers at the heart of everything we do, as we have grown we are known for our professional friendly services and we are very focused’.

When asked ‘What advice would you give to individuals wanting to drive their business forward?’ by host Sean Jarvis, Richard answered ‘ You should always have a plan and then also a long term plan, stick to that plan’.

Gareth Henderson further emphasised the importance of having a contingent plan for the business and advised ‘Plan, evaluate your plan and where you want to be. Do it with your team and follow up and keep checking on it’.

Sean Jarvis from Huddersfield Town Centre said, “I think it was clear to see how much everyone enjoyed the event, but also how insightful it was.

The event also showcased the talented business minds that exist in our community and I’m sure people will have taken a lot away from it.

Alongside all of this, it was also a good opportunity for people to network, bounce ideas off each other, and look at ways they can work together in the future. I think the HTEA event was another hugely successful one.”

Take a look at a video from the event here – https://youtu.be/s2GcC6GfQDM

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