Sports Academy

Kirklees College Sports Academy offers students the opportunity to play sport at a highly competitive level.

A word from us

The academy boasts male football teams and offers academies in rugby league. The sports academy also offers an extensive programme to students looking to excel in sport.

Applicants looking to participate in one of the college’s academies can also combine a sports, public services or construction course with a place in the academy.


To apply for the Sports Academy, you need to:

  • Find a course that is right for you in the prospectus or online
  • Download an application form
  • Write the name of the course you want to study in the ‘first choice’ box followed by which academy you want to sign up for
  • The college will then contact you about trials

Did you know?

The sports academy also offers students:

Sports Academies

The sports academy’s football team currently compete in the British College’s Elite League as well as compete against professional sports academies from clubs such as Huddersfield Town.

The football academies are coached by former Huddersfield Town footballer Kevin Donovan and offer both male teams.

The rugby league academy is heavily linked with local Championship team Batley Bulldogs and have been adopted by the Bulldogs as their official U19s team, playing in the Student Rugby League u19s league. The academy is coached by former Bulldogs star Craig Lingard.



Our Sports Academy has access to some of the best training facilities in Huddersfield, including:


  • Leeds Road Playing Fields
  • Outdoor 3G and 4G pitches
  • Artificial indoor pitch
  • Waterfront Gym – Huddersfield Centre

Rugby League

  • Leeds Road Playing Fields
  • Stadium – Batley Bulldogs
  • Waterfront Gym – Huddersfield Centre

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