Payroll IAB Certificate Level 2

The qualification enables those employed or interested in working in payroll to further develop skills in payroll record keeping and processing, giving the necessary skills to record financial payroll transactions in both a manual and computerised environment.

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You will gain the necessary skills to assess own competence in carrying out a range of day-to-day payroll routines and activities in both manual and
computerised payroll systems. The activities will include the calculation of pay data and processing of that data using day-to-day payroll processing skills. You will be able to assess the implications of maintaining accuracy when performing any practical payroll tasks and understand the importance of security and confidentiality in performing any payroll task.

The IAB Level 2 Certificate in Payroll contains the following units:
Fundamentals of employment legislation for payroll
• Know what payroll information is to be prepared and kept by law
• Understand data protection legislation in relation to payroll
• Know the general principles of employment rights legislation
Composition of an employee payroll record
• Know the information required to set up a payroll record for a new employee
• Know how to complete a P11 deduction sheet or equivalent, for a new employee
• Know how to deal with income tax forms for a new employee
• Understand the procedure for aligning employer data with HMRC records
Elements of gross pay
• Understand what constitutes basic pay for different payroll periods
• Understand the principles of calculating overtime payments
• Know what constitutes gross pay from additional payments
• Understand the need and procedures to make temporary and permanent changes to rates of pay

Statutory and non-statutory payments and additions
• Understand the principles of the PAYE, National Insurance system, Student Loan deductions, Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP), Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP and SPP(A)), Attachment of Earnings Orders (AOE) and understand the need to complete period end payroll procedures.
Termination of employment
• Understand what constitutes a leaver.
• Know the amendments to make to a leaver’s final pay
Calculate gross pay
• Be able to determine basic pay for different payroll periods
• Be able to calculate overtime payable from given information
• Be able to calculate additional payments from given information
• Be able to implement permanent changes to rates of pay from given organisational information
• Be able to implement relevant statutory additions to pay when entitlement has been determined
Creating an employee payroll record
• Be able to prepare a payroll record for a new employee
• Be able to complete relevant statutory forms for a new employee
Processing leavers
• Be able to calculate the gross pay for a leaver
• Be able to complete internal procedures and those necessary for external agencies and statutory bodies, for a leaver
Payroll processing
• Be able to use HMRC approved tools to calculate income tax
• Be able to determine national insurance contributions to be deducted from gross pay
• Be able to determine voluntary deductions and non-standard statutory deductions
• Be able to produce relevant pay period reports
• Be able to record and reconcile payments and deductions to employees and external agencies
Computerised payroll theory
• Understand potential health and safety and security risks
• Maintain the security of data within a computerised environment
• Understand organisational procedures for processing payroll in a computerised environment
• Understand the statutory requirements for submitting information
Computerised payroll skills
• Be able to process information on starters, leavers and changes to current employees
• Be able to process payroll accurately on a pay period basis
• Be able to back up and update systems when required

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements; basic numeracy and IT will be advantageous.

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This course enables progression to Level 3 payroll which further develops knowledge, understanding and skills of dealing with payroll transactions, routines and procedures.

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Fees & Funding

Tuition Fees: £421

Exam Fees: £147

Materials: £100

Total: £668


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