Kirklees College Construction Centre supports International Women’s Day


“An equal world is an enabled world”


L to R (Zoe Dijikman, Sarah Mcdonagh, Liza Garland, Sarah Tully, Patricia Schofield, Sarah Phillips)

As International Women’s day approaches on the 8 March; staff at the Kirklees College are celebrating the National day and this year’s theme is #EachforEqual which highlights the difference that individuals can make. The theme draws attention to the fact that gender inequality is a global issue rather than just a women’s issue.
To celebrate this day, the Kirklees College Construction centre staff came together to take part in this initiative by recreating the #EachForEqual pose.

After speaking to the staff at the centre, we discussed the driving force behind their choice of career in a traditionally male-dominated field. With some of the staff members working in construction through allocation to that sector by their manager, others chose to work in the field with the driving force being their passion for the sector and role.

Speaking to Liza Garland, who is a joinery tutor at the Brunel Construction Centre; she spoke about her career and how she started off as a cabinet maker. Over the years despite some negativity, she pushed herself and now works as a teacher in joinery at the Kirklees College.

Patricia Schofield, plastering lecturer at Kirklees College described herself as someone who enjoys more hands-on work. Initially aspiring to work in a different field, Patricia was encouraged by her sister to pursue her dream career in the construction industry. When asked what advice would she give to women looking to work in construction, Patricia said ‘Do what you have a passion for, don’t follow what your friends are doing. If you don’t try, then you won’t know’.

Other staff members across Kirklees College have also supported International Women’s Day – see their pictures on our Twitter site

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