Breakfast initiative to boost students’ learning

Kirklees College is aiming to increase students’ ability to concentrate and learn by making sure they get a healthy breakfast before lessons.

Students Hashim Aslam-Saleem, Amisha Kaur and Miles Hush with Poppy Stahelin from Stafflex and Kirklees College Foundation Learning support worker Sally Mangan.

Staff found that a number of students were turning up to the college without having any breakfast.

This directly impacted on their learning as they were unable to concentrate in class because they were so hungry.

The new college-wide initiative means all students are able to get a healthy breakfast of cereal, fruit and juice by showing their ID badge in one of the college refectories before 9am.

David Scott, Kirklees College Head of Learning Centres and Financial Support, said: “Countless in-depth studies have shown that students who had breakfast had significantly higher scores than students who skipped or rarely ate breakfast.

“The college hopes to encourage students to hold breakfast meetings or work in project groups in the knowledge they can use the welcoming refectory locations as meeting spaces first thing in the morning and have a free breakfast.”

The college’s Foundation Learning department has been running its own breakfast club initiative for a couple of years, thanks to support from Huddersfield recruitment company Stafflex.

Students who are experiencing difficulties can speak with a member of the Foundation Studies team at the college, so they can get a hot drink and healthy breakfast.

Poppy Stahelin, further education recruiter at Stafflex, said: “We’re delighted to support this initiative for the second year running. Providing breakfast for students gives them a positive start to the day improving their learning, attendance and social development.”

Jane Brown, key worker at Kirklees College said: “We are so thankful to Stafflex for supporting this brilliant initiative for the second year.  It has made a tremendous difference to the students who access this initiative.”

Kirklees College