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Sarah Garside
Secondary school:
Holmfirth High School
  • Where do you live now?
  • Holmfirth
  • Which Kirklees College site did you go to?
  • Huddersfield Centre
  • What course?
  • BTEC Diploma in Health and Social Care, completed in 2009.
  • Where do you work now?
  • Hollybank Trust, Rowan Court, Holmfirth
  • What's your job title?
  • Social care worker
  • What do you do?
  • I do the day to day care of residents who are young adults with disabilities I'm part of a team of carers who help to clean and cook for residents, take them out on trips and holidays and look after my allocated clients.
  • What was Kirklees College like?
  • I enjoyed the majority of the course and really enjoyed life at college. I didn't need the qualifications to get this job but these are the qualifications I would have got by training on the job here. Because I already have these, I was able to deputise for my line manager for six weeks recently.
  • Has the course helped you get where you are now?
  • Without the course I wouldn't be able to move on to the next steps and progress in the job I do now. I have the basic qualifications so now I can go on and learn about medication and other more senior roles.
  • Why did you choose Kirklees College?
  • It's not like school. It's all down to you to get your work done and you feel more independent, that's why I enjoyed it.
  • If you could give advice to students in their final two years of school, what would you say?
  • Make the best of the work experiences you get and don't be afraid to work hard and achieve.
Sarah Garside