Public Services BTEC Diploma Level 1

If you would like to pursue a career in the emergency services, armed forces or government services, such as the police force, HM Prison Service or British Army, then this is the course for you.


If you would like to pursue a career in the emergency services, armed forces or government services, such as the police force, HM Prison Service or British Army, then this is the course for you.

The course will prepare you with the knowledge and physical requirements of the public services.

The main units of study include:

  • Public services careers
    • This unit aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the different public services, such as the emergency services, the armed services, office workers, (for example in the civil service), other services, (for example prison service, the security services, and the voluntary sector) and the roles that these organisations play in society today.
  • Improving health and fitness for entry into the public services
    • This unit aims to increase learners’ awareness of health improvements that they can make, including to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, for entry into the uniformed public service.
  • Personal skills for the public services
    • This unit will help you identify and develop skills required by individuals for work in the public services.  The unit will provide you with a number of opportunities to develop written communication, verbal communication, interpersonal and personal effectiveness skills, and time management skills.
  • Practical teamwork in the public services
    • This unit focuses on a practical introduction to the concept of teambuilding and a consideration of the importance of teams and teamwork within the public services.  You will have the opportunity to contribute to a number of practical team activities that will support you in the development of your knowledge and understanding of the characteristics that contribute towards the effective working of a team.
  • Developing personal skills for leadership
    • This unit introduces you to the concept of leadership and its main features.  Additionally, you will gain a basic understanding of how to make decisions and give instructions to others as part of a leadership role.
  • Map reading using ordinance survey maps
    • In this unit, you will be introduced to the basics of map reading. The unit will enable you to become familiar with Ordnance Survey maps and to apply the concepts to practical situations.
  • Introduction to expedition skills
    • The aim of this unit is to encourage you to develop a spirit of adventure and discovery by introducing you to the challenge, benefits and enjoyment of a full day expedition, away from the familiar surroundings of your studies.
  • Self-management skills
    • Employees need to be able to manage themselves appropriately in order to stay safe and healthy at work and to make a positive contribution to the workplace.  This unit focuses on the importance for employees of being able to manage themselves in the workplace.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of 4 GCSEs with the following grades: English at grade 2 and maths at grade 1 or above, and 2 other GCSEs grade 2 or above.

Assessment Methods

There are no formal exams. You will be assessed to nationally set standards throughout the year through various activities, such as discussions, presentations, written assessments, practical demonstrations, fitness tests and group activities.


You can go on to study BTEC Diploma in Public Services level 2.

This course is a perfect stepping stone to find a career in the public services sector, which offers jobs in the police, health service, fire service and armed forces.

Fees & Funding

As a full time student you will not usually need to pay any course fees if under 19. There may be some charges for visits and trips but these will be kept to a minimum.

You will need to contribute approximately £125 towards visits and trips. You will also need to purchase walking boots and a waterproof coat for outdoor activities. Help may be available for those students with financial difficulties. For more information contact student support services, tel: 0500 162100.


For more information on applying for this course please see the Apply page.

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