Extract Technologies

Kirklees College has been lucky enough to gain the support of Huddersfield-based Extract Technologies Limited with the donation and refurbishment of the downflow booth for the Process Manufacturing Centre.

Brian Lawson said, “Several months ago while we were trying to gather support for companies to donate equipment we found a rather tired down flow booth.

“On closer examination of the original commissioning documentation I spotted Paul Hudson’s signature. Paul is now the operations director at Extract Technology based in Huddersfield, who are keen supporters of Kirklees College and the Process Manufacturing Centre (PMC). Follow a short discussion and some reminiscing of the original installation; Paul agreed to refurbish the unit using their apprentices who are trained at our college as a donation to the PMC project.”

In June, the downflow booth was fitted into the centre by Paul and the apprentices and is a crucial part of the plant, which will be tested in July. The project was also supported by Projex Solutions, who have been the crucial partner of the college’s in the PMC providing Project management and Process engineering through the design and implementation phase.

Thanks to all at Extract Technology for your support!

Kirklees College